An Economic Development Project

The Hatfield~McCoy Trail System is a statutory corporation created by the West Virginia Legislature to generate economic development through tourism in nine southern West Virginia counties. By mid-2009, the Hatfield~McCoy Trail System covered more than 500 miles of off-road trails in five of its nine project counties. Each of its six trail systems is open 365 days a year to ATVs, dirt bikes, and utility vehicles (UTVs). Many of the trail systems also offer community connecting trails that allow visitors to access “ATV-friendly towns” to experience the charm of southern West Virginia.
Six Trail Systems.

BearWallow Trail Pinnacle Creek Rock House Trail System


Buffalo Mountain

Little Coal River

Indian Ridge

Pinnacle Creek

Rock House

Lat 37 51 49.85
Long -81 55 54.97

Rt. 52 Trailhead:
Lat- 38 42 5.05
Matewan Trailhead:
Lat 37 37 22.55
Long -82 10 00.00
Lat 38 11 11.14
Long -81 50 38.37

Lat 37 24 47.90
Long -81 21 9.48

Lat 37 33 21.00
-81 30 28.55

Lat 37 43 35.00
Long -81 53 1.37

The six Hatfield~McCoy trail systems are Rockhouse, Buffalo Mountain, Bearwallow, Indian Ridge, Little Coal, and Pinnacle Creek. No matter which trail system you choose, Hatfield~McCoy Trail visitors can expect to find a variety of trails ranging from easiest to most difficult. These are not your typical “flatlander” trails, however, and can be a challenge for a first-time rider. For this reason, visitors may choose from a list of ATV guided tour and rental providers.